As an active speaker and educator, I can offer over 30 topics to your club or organization.  If you don’t see one a desired topic, e-mail me and describe what you have in mind.  I work for travel expenses and a $250 per diem.  Email me for speaking or gardening inquiries.


  1. Gardening Novelties
  2. Aristocrats of Mid-South Garden Shrubs
  3. Aristocrats of Mid-South Gardens
  4. Evolving Natives
  5. Our Native Plants in Trouble
  6. Plants that Attract Bees and Butterflies to Your Garden
  7. Ornamental Grasses
  8. Getting Rid of Pesky Weeds
  9. Annuals that beat the Heat and the Drought

10.  Stepping into Ground Covers

11.  Perennial Ground Covers for Difficult Garden Sites

12.  The Ten Simple Steps of Pruning Trees and Shrubs

13.  Capturing The Natural Pruning Look /Avoiding Meatballs and Buzzcuts

14.  Overwintering Landscape Plants in Containers

15.  Diehard Summer Annuals: Five Months of Carefree Color

16.  Perennials for All Occasions

17.  Weed-free Perennial Gardens

18.  Made for the Shade – Creating a Woodland Garden

19.  Made for the Shade Perennials

20.  Forever Green – Referring to Conifers

21.  Conifers for the South

22.  Some Better Alternatives To ‘Bradford’ Pear in the Landscape

23.  Viburnums -25 Great Choices

24.  Winter-hardy Camellias

25.  Hydrangea: Queen of the Summer Garden

26.  Brightening Up the Late Summer/Fall Garden

27.  Thirty of the Finest Shrubs for Your Garden

28.  Great Native Trees and Shrubs

29.  Trees that Measure-up to Today’s Residential Landscapes

30.  Small Footprints: Trees and Shrubs with Vertical Form

31.  Fillers/Space Savers –small temporary space-fillers

32.  Set Your Sites (Sights) on Small Trees

33.  Small Flowering Landscape Trees

34.  Privacy Screening: Creating Green Fences

35.  Fall/Winter Bloomers for Your Garden

36.  Creating a Simple Backyard Propagation Bed

37.  Beyond Hostas and Daylilies: 25 Perennials That Will Perk Up Store Sales

38.  Mini-Hosta Showcase

39.  WOW!! Plants

40.  Awesome Trees

41.  Magnificent Flowering Trees for Appalachian Gardens

42.  Low Maintenance Perennials (see below)

43.  Annuals for Tennessee Gardens

44.  Growing Small Fruits

45.  Pruning Trees and Shrubs

46.  Pruning Trees and Shrubs –the short version

47.  Interiorscaping: Easy Care Plants in Your Home

48.  Vertical Accent Landscape Plants