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Exceptionally Hardy ‘Margarita’ Carolina Yellow Jessamine

Carolina yellow jessamine (Gelsemium sempervirens) is a lovely ignored native vine. It is native from Virginia to Texas to Florida, easily spotted growing in a sunny location growing on trees (USDA zones 6-9). It is the state flower of South Carolina. Grow it as a trellised vine or as a low shrub-like mound (ground cover). Flowers often serve as an early call […]

Shopping Tips When Purchasing Plants

    Spring and fall are excellent planting times and buying opportunities. A trips to a garden center can be very costly unless you go prepared. Here are some practical tips to make those shopping trips more enjoyable and a lot less expensive. Create your landscape plan first before buying plants. First, visit garden centers to pick up great landscaping ideas […]

What To Know About Flowering Vines

For some gardeners planting vines is not for the faint of heart. Vines need space, support, training, and for some – lots of pruning. Some vines don’t demand lots of room while others chew up lots of space. Small vines like clematis or annual morning glories (Ipomoea) may be grown in a large patio container for many years […]

Native Partridgeberry

  Partridge berry (Mitchella repens) is cherished for its evergreen foliage, spring flowers and fall-winter colorful berries (USDA Zones 4–8). This native groundcover is frequently spotted in moist woodlands along banks of streams and on dry slopes in the eastern and central North America as far west as Minnesota and south to northern Texas and Florida. This […]

House Plants Purify Indoor Air

Yes, house plants do indeed clean, filter and purify the air of various toxins and pollutants. Back in the 1980’s the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)conducted tests to determine the best house plants that helped purify indoor air in homes and work environments. If humans were to traveled to inhospitable planets, humans would inhabit biospheres full of plants scrub […]

Japanese Hydrangea Vine Worth The Wait

              Japanese hydrangea vine (Schizophragma hydrangoides) ‘Moonlight’ is a deciduous woody vine (USDA hardiness zone 5 to 8). It is closely related to climbing hydrangea vine (Hydrangea anomala ‘Petiolaris’). This ornate climbing vine is valued for its silvery, silvery-green, heart-shaped foliage and large, flat-topped, lace cap hydrangea-like clusters (8-10 […]

Modern Day Clematis Bloom Freely

              The old-fashioned clematis(es) in grandma’s garden bloomed one time in spring or summer and bore huge showy flowers (USDA hardiness zones 3-7). Vines took up lots of space in the garden. Old cultivars grew 8-9 feet tall; many bore one single large flower at the end of each growing […]

Sooty Mold Is Symptom Of Aphid Feeding

              Aphids are small (1 to 10 mm long) and pear shape. Infestations are often worse during wet cool days of spring; they are frequently feed on new growing shoots and leaves. Actively growing weeds also harbor aphids and may migrate over to favorite garden plants. Summer feeding aphids should never […]

Rooguchi Clematis: Let It Ramble

Combine two popular garden trends: climbing vines and vertical gardening. Vines may grow on a trellis or allow them to weave through an existing shrub or tree. In a small garden this can be a space saver. In the world of clematis, the cultivar Rooguchi, aka Roguchi, (Clematis integrifolia x C. reticulata) has become increasingly […]

Enjoy Moonvine In The Evening Garden

Moonvine (Ipomoea alba)is a fast growing tropical vine. Its dark green heart shaped leaves stay clean and pest-free the entire growing season. Pure white 6-inch wide flowers open non-stop from early summer until frost. Each showy white flower lasts one day, opening in late afternoon and withering late the following morning. Plants may be purchased […]