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Robb’s Spurge (Euphorbia)

I always been a fan of spurges, but some have not perform well in my garden. One that does not disappoint is Robb’s spurge (Euphorbia amygdaloides var. robbiae), aka “Mrs. Robb’s Bonnet”. This evergreen spurge grows equally well in either sun or shade, including dry shade (USDA hardiness zones 6-8). This carefree slowly spreading groundcover displays shiny, dark green, […]

Chanticleer Garden – A Garden For Ideas

                Chanticleer Garden is an estate and botanical gardens, that bills itself as a “pleasure garden”. Chanticleer is “a garden for ideas”. The property is located at 786 Church Road in Wayne Pennsylvania, approximately 30 minutes of Philadelphia. Chanticleer celebrated its 100 year centennial in 2013 as the […]

Utilize Sweet Flag For Garden Accent

Sweet flag cultivar (Acorus gramineus) is an iris-like perennial usually planted for its wavy drifts of golden yellow foliage. This dwarf ground cover, indigenous to China, Korea and Japan, grows 6-12 inches tall. Sweet flag is a member of the acorus family (Acoraceae) (USDA hardiness zones 6-9 and should be winter protected in zone 5). Green […]

Fall Landscaping Tips

                  Cool autumn temperatures and increased rainfall make Autumn an ideal time to plant. Attractive landscaping adds value to your home and property. Selecting select deciduous trees and shrubs may reduce home winter heating bills and provide cooling shade in summer. Gardeners living in condos or townhouses should also consider a winter hardy […]

Design A Garden Path For Greater Garden Enjoyment

Are you receiving full enjoyment from your garden landscape year-round? Gardeners spend so much time tied up with chores- planting, cultivating, and weeding. The fall and winter months are a great time to enjoy the garden, particularly if your footwear is dry and not muddy. A network of garden paths permits you, also neighbors and […]