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Are Your Plants Deficient In Magnesium?

Magnesium (Mg) is the central element involved in chlorophyll synthesis, a crucial nutrient in photosynthesis, and in maintaining vibrant green leaves. Like calcium, magnesium is required by plants in large enough quantities. It is a “macro-nutrient”, as important as nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K), the latter three adsorbed by plants in greater amounts. Magnesium […]

Landscape Trees With Winter Interest

Does your winter landscape look a bit shabby? This coming spring take some action by planting trees that should perk up its appearance. New tree choices should ratchet up seasonal interest, attract more bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds in the spring-summer and hungry fruit feeding birds in fall-winter. Making smart tree choices can add four-seasons of interest to your yard. […]

Saving Heirloom Seeds

At the end of each growing season, you may choose to collect seeds from favorite flowering annuals and vegetables to holdover and plant in next year’s garden. Some may be heirloom varieties that you have saved for many years because you like their productivity or flavor. Note: these seeds should not be “hybrids”. Hybrids represent a cross between […]

Medical Benefits Derived From Gardening

For hundreds of years, home gardeners have realized that growing plants is good for you both physically and mentally. A story recently published in British tabloid The Guardian reports that many patients suffering with cancer, dementia and mental health problems can benefit from gardening. Doctors are more and more prescribing gardening for patients with cancer, […]

Chinese (Kousa) Dogwood

              Chinese dogwood, aka kousa dogwood, (Cornus kousa) is a small 25 to 35 foot flowering tree (USDA hardiness zones 5-9). It grows in either full or partial sunlight (4-hours sunlight minimum). Depending where you garden, kousa dogwood begins blooming from late April or in May, almost two weeks after our native […]

Popular Tomato Varieties In U.S.

Many people who have “retire” from gardening still plant a patch of tomatoes every spring. Tomatoes don’t ask for a lot of care. There is nothing better than a thick slice of tomato with a burger or tuna salad sandwich. Every region across the U.S. has their favorite varieties. The gardener’s favorite appears to be a meaty […]

Native Partridgeberry

  Partridge berry (Mitchella repens) is cherished for its evergreen foliage, spring flowers and fall-winter colorful berries (USDA Zones 4–8). This native groundcover is frequently spotted in moist woodlands along banks of streams and on dry slopes in the eastern and central North America as far west as Minnesota and south to northern Texas and Florida. This […]

Ripening Tomatoes Off The Vine

The threat of freezing temperatures in the fall has gardeners scrambling to harvest all green tomatoes that may be a few weeks away from regular harvest. You may opt to prepare fried green tomatoes or to ripen the fruits indoors, still a tastier alternative to store-bought tomatoes. Pick green tomatoes that show a tinge of color at the blossom (bottom) end and feel a […]

Blackberry Lily

              Blackberry lily (Belamcanda chinensis), aka leopard lily, is native to Central Asia, China, Japan and India (USDA hardiness zones 5-9). It derives its name from clusters of shiny black seeds clearly in view as individual seed capsules split apart as they ripen. Its common name is misleading as it is not […]

Fruit Gardening In Containers

Great packaging along with exciting breeding has ignited interest in growing small fruits in containers. In recent years the BrazelBerries™ fruits have become popular at garden centers. Brazelberries is the creation of the Brazelton family of Fall Creek Farm & Nursery, Inc. in Oregon, who have been propagating and growing berry plants since the 1970’s. Their […]