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Heat Tolerant Annuals That Create Their Own Heat

In some parts of the U.S. summer is sizzling, and it may also be very dry. Several colorful annuals cope with summer heat and humidity better than others. Northeast U.S. cities are sweltering near 100°F. A sure bet is that every summer will be hot and humid in Savannah, GA. Near a popular restaurant is […]

Variegated Tapioca Plant Thrives In The Summer Heat

Add some tropical flair to your garden with variegated tapioca plant (Manihot esculenta ‘Variegata’), aka Cassava. Variegated tapioca is a spectacular foliage plant (zone 8 – 11) which excels as summer’s heat and humidity arrives and lingers. Tapioca plant is not likely to be sold in every garden center and you’ll likely need to order one or more on-line. […]