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Care of African Violets

African violets (Saintpaulia ionantha) or AVs are among the easiest flowering house plant to grow. They need indirect moderate to bright lighting and moist well-drained potting soil. Grow plants in plastic pots and not in clay (terra cotta). AVs should be repotted annually. Here are some additional cultural tips: Room temperatures: AVs thrive at room […]

First Days Of Fall…. Bring In Your House Plants

The final days are summer are over. It’s time to move your tropical plants indoors before night temps in the low 40°F arrive. These plants thrive outdoors in summer temperatures and high humidity, but cannot survive being left outdoors. Container plants such as Ficus (rubber) trees, orchids, Norfolk Island pines, scheffleras, bromeliads, gardenias, palms, and […]

Are Your African Violets Looking OK?

African violets (Saintpaulia ionantha) are easy to grow flowering house plants. Modern day varieties sold at supermarkets and plant shops often bloom 8-9 months a year. Lighting needs are minimal, either from indirect sunlight from an east-facing window or under special “grow lights” 12 hours daily. African violets prefer water at room temperature (65-75 °F). […]