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Six Notoriously Weak Wooded Trees

                  Almost any time is a good time to plant trees – weather permitting. Sort through many great choices and avoid planting weak wooded species. These six tree species are generally short-lived, messy, and insect and/or disease susceptible. A few may also be designated invasive in your state. […]

Is Your Tree A Hazard?

    Is a dangerous tree lurking in your yard, ready to tumble down on your house or car?  A well shaped landscape tree with a full canopy (top) and undergoes a safety checkup every 3-5 years is rarely at risk. When the weather forecaster is predicting a  hurricane or an ice storm, it’s generally too late to call a local […]

Trees And Shrubs That Grow In Poorly Drained Soils

If a section of your landscape is poorly drained, there are a number of trees and shrubs that will adapt over time to short periods of wet or soggy soils. Plant roots must survive in low oxygen soils. Your choices of plants are not lengthy; few landscape plants will not tolerate root suffocation for even […]