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Sun Or Shade –These Six Shrubs Don’t Care

A surprising number of flowering shrubs perform beautifully in either sun or shade, making them quite versatile where planning a landscape. All can be utilize around outdoor living areas such as decks and patios. Several good candidates are these six:   Japanese pieris, aka lily of the valley shrub (Pieris japonica) is a versatile shrub for […]

Start Spring Out with Easy To Grow Japanese Pieris

Japanese pieris (Pieris japonica) offers a year-round show in a garden with evergreen foliage and showy bell-shaped blooms (USDA hardiness zones 5- 8). New spring foliage starts out bronze-colored and matures to dark green. Attractive, pendulous branches if ivory white flower appears in early spring. Remnants of the old seed heads generally persist into the […]

Landscape Shrubs Rarely Damaged By Deer

Deer will eat or nibble on any landscape plant, particularly when they’re starving. Abnormally high deer populations, starved by a shortage of their favorite foods (mast), will feed or browse on almost any plant. This is a survival reaction. To truly protect plants when deer numbers are unusually high, a tall fence or reinforced netting […]

Coppicing – Renewal Pruning for Old Rhododendrons

Coppicing is a form of renewal pruning because the entire shrub is lopped off to the ground. It is a drastic pruning technique primarily used on shrubs that flower and fruit on new or summer wood, those that flower in late June or later. Coppicing is renewal pruning but is so simple that gardeners is […]