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Autumn/Winter Garden Dressup

It’s fall and many gardeners take leave of their garden until spring. Autumn is a great time to create new color schemes that will carry over into the winter garden. It’s just like spring all over again! Frost hardy flowering plants get their turn, such as pansies, violas, snapdragons, and diascias (USDA Hardiness zone 7), […]

Reference Conifer Gardens in the Southeastern U.S.

The American Conifer Society (ACS) supports public conifer gardens around the U.S.  Reference Gardens offer plant professionals and home gardeners an opportunity to evaluate conifers growing in a landscape or garden setting within their geographic region. You can compare the unique foliage colors, shapes, and growth habits which conifers offer. You can select conifer(s) which work as […]

Try Microbiota Instead of Ground Junipers

  Summer Foliage of Microbiota Microbiota (Microbiota decussata) goes by numerous names including Russian arborvitae and Siberian cypress. This tough customer hails from Siberia, and quite cold hardy to -40 F. In the northern U.S. its lacy evergreen foliage turns brown in the dead of winter. Here in the Southern Appalachian region, microbiota prospers in cooler parts of zone 6 […]