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Little Girl Hybrid Magnolias

              Star (Magnolia stellata) and tulip (M. soulangeana) magnolias are early flowering magnolias. Early spring frosts destroy open flowers. In the mid-1980’s the U.S. National Arboretum released 8 shrub-type cultivars as a series called the “Little Girl Magnolias”. They are hybrid crosses between M. liliiflora and M. stellata. Four cultivars- […]

10 Winter Care Tips For Landscape Plants

              Fall-planted perennials, shrubs and trees need some additional attention. Here are 10 basic tips to help plants get past potential winter woes: Select balled-and-burlapped (b&b) or container-grown plants rather than bare-rooted stock. Most bare-root plants are planted in late winter or early spring when plants are still dormant. Evergreens, […]

Little Girl Magnolias Avoid Early Spring Frosts

The early flowering deciduous magnolias, namely star (Magnolia stellata) and tulip (M. soulangeana) magnolias, are often susceptible to late winter-early spring frosts. In the 1980’s the U.S. National Arboretum released the series of 8 shrub-type cultivars called the “Little Girl Magnolias”. They were crosses between M. liliiflora and M. stellata. Over ten years these deciduous […]