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Korean Maple Substitute For Fullmoon Japanese Maple

At first sight Korean maple (Acer pseudosieboldianum), aka Korean fullmoon maple, is very similar in appearance to fullmoon Japanese maples (A. japonicum var. Acontifolium). If you live in a northern U.S. such as the upper Midwest, growing Japanese maples will likely become an unfulfilled wish. Korean maple is a hardier choice for northern locales (USDA hardiness zones 4-8). […]

This Korean Maple Deserves To Be Planted More

Ullung-do Island Korean maple (Acer pseudosieboldianum ‘Takeshimense’) is a small deciduous tree which will grow to be 20 -25 feet tall tree, with a spread of 15-18 feet. It tends to branch low to the ground. It originates from the Ullung-do Island in the sea of China. Korean maple is one of the best maples […]