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2014 Plant Winners Announced

At the start of each year the Motion Picture Industry awards their Golden Globes and Oscars. The Music Industry has the Grammys. Gardening associations also announce the award-winning plants. The National Garden Bureau (NGB) has declared 2014 Year of the Echinacea (coneflower) in the perennial category. NGB declared the mighty cucumber as Vegetable of The […]

Selecting The Right Ivy For Your Garden

Have you taken the “No Ivy Pledge”? I have not. In an effort to slow defections from growing ivy, the American Ivy Society has developed a list of non-invasive cultivars. It includes several dwarf English ivy cultivars (Hedera spp.). Add a little water and fertilizer and these mini-ivies do not miss a beat. Mini- ivies […]

‘Lady Francis’ Ivy Wakes Up A Shady Patch

On a recently trip to the Ohio State University Horticultural Gardens in Columbus, I discovered ‘Lady Frances’, a relatively tame miniature ivy. The American Ivy Society classifies Hedera helix ‘Lady Frances’ as non-invasive, and it received the first “Ivy of the Year” award in 2001. It grows slowly and works as a ground cover or  topiary […]