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Five Landscape Plants On The Gardeners’ Taboo List

To many people, maintaining a garden or landscape means a lot of hard work. Sometimes the weeds outgrow what you have planted. Some landscape plants promise a lot of beauty but deliver nothing but problems. Some trees are weak wooded, prone to pests or diseases, and outgrow their space. Some produce smelly odorous flowers. I urge […]

Shrubs You Should Not Prune In Fall Season

Why would anyone prune spring flowering shrubs in the autumn season? After a long cold winter, why miss out on the delightful fragrance of lilac and viburnum flowers the following spring? Predicting how cold, warm, or dry the coming winter season is rarely possible. Pruning cuts are wounds and weather extremes may cause injury to […]

Renewal Pruning Is An Easy Technique To Learn

Renewal pruning is the practice of severely cutting back selected shrubs and trees. The task is simple. There are no books to read. Select a day from mid-February to early April (USDA hardiness zones 5-7). Cutback the entire shrub(s), leaving 3-5 inch tall cut stems or stubble. The cut stems will bud out in the […]

Fragrant Honeysuckle Is Long-Lived Heirloom Shrub

Fragrant honeysuckle (Lonicera fragrantissima) has creamy white flowers which open in January during a brief warm-ups and continues, off and on, through February and March in the Southern Appalachian region (USDA hardiness zones 6 and 7). It is an old heirloom shrub indigenous of China. It’s hardy in USDA hardiness zones 4-8. Fragrant honeysuckle is […]