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Should You Plant In Fall?

            Should you plant in the Fall? It depends what region you live in, what month in fall, and what species you’re planting. If you live in the mid-Atlantic, coastal New England, or Southeastern U.S., fall is an excellent time to set most hardy plants. Most (not all) trees, shrubs, perennials, […]

Popular Landscape Trees Deer Don’t Like

This title is somewhat misleading. Deer will eat or sample (nibble) on any landscape plant, particularly if they are hungry enough. Deer also do not read lists of plants they’re suppose to leave alone. The following list of deer resistant plants is a sampling from reports across the U.S. It does not include every tree […]

Formerly A Tree… Now A Hat Rack

Tree topping continues! The concern about a large tree falling on the house, garage, autos or pedestrians sends out calls to cut the tree back. If the tree in photo does recover (grow), the new branches will be mostly weak suckers. After 2-3 years, the sucker growth will be susceptible to high winds and snow/ice storms […]

Winter King Hawthorn – A Winter Fruit Attraction

bright red fruit in winter season ‘Winter King’ is an outstanding cultivar of our native green hawthorn (Crataegus viridis) and is at home here in the Southern Appalachian region (USDA zones 6 and 7). Over the winter season few deciduous trees present a colorful fruiting display much better than Winter King. Winter King hawthorn is a small landscape tree, maturing to 25-30 […]