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Live Cut Foliage And Berries For Home Holiday Decorations

Many conifers make great cuts for indoor and outdoor Christmas decorations. Foliage choices: Eastern red cedar and many other junipers, white pine, Norway spruce, Colorado spruce, Balsam fir, Canadian hemlock, Arizona cypress (and cultivars ‘Carolina Sapphire’ and ‘Blue Ice’),  and False cypresses (C. pisifera). Needle retention varies among species. For example, Norway spruce and balsam […]


I hear people say that conifers won’t grow in the southeastern U.S. Wanta bet! 2016 marks the 8th year of the Reference Garden program sponsored by the American Confer Society (ACS)- Southeast Region. From Kentucky and Virginia south to Florida, 19 public gardens were now participating in the program. Two of the latest additions are Brookgreen […]

For Dry Sites Try Arizona Cypress

Arizona cypress (Cupressus glabra) is silvery blue needled medium-sized evergreen (USDA hardiness zones 6 to 9). This southwest U.S. native demands full sun and excels in droughty, infertile, and well-drained soils. Conversely, Arizona cypress does not tolerate shade, poor air circulation and flooded soil. Arizona cypress is mostly disease and pest free unless too crowded […]