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Common Street and Landscape Trees

Across the U.S. and Canada, city planners, landscape architects, and property owners now enjoy a wide selection of landscape trees to plant on city streets, along roadsides, and in yards and gardens. Over the past half century new and improved varieties (cultivars) are disease and pest resistant and exhibit better branching and architecture. We now know to avoid […]

Five Landscape Plants On The Gardeners’ Taboo List

To many people, maintaining a garden or landscape means a lot of hard work. Sometimes the weeds outgrow what you have planted. Some landscape plants promise a lot of beauty but deliver nothing but problems. Some trees are weak wooded, prone to pests or diseases, and outgrow their space. Some produce smelly odorous flowers. I urge […]

Six Notoriously Weak Wooded Trees

                  Almost any time is a good time to plant trees – weather permitting. Sort through many great choices and avoid planting weak wooded species. These six tree species are generally short-lived, messy, and insect and/or disease susceptible. A few may also be designated invasive in your state. […]

Autumn Colors Conclude with Callery Pears

  Callery pear (Pyrus calleryana) has been declining in planting popularity. But its scarlet red leaf color is both sensational and reliable every autumn in the Southern Appalachian region (USDA zones 6 and 7).  Most people identify the tree by its cultivar name, e.g. ‘Bradford’, Aristocrat®, ‘Cleveland Select’, ‘Redspire’ pear. There are many other cultivars. Callery pears are tough reliable medium sized trees which […]

Ice Storm- Keep Hands Off

  An ice storm is both a beautiful and horrific scene in a garden. The potential for major tree/shrub breakage is staggering. If you feel powerless, this is good thing.  During the storm, do nothing / “hands off”. Most actions will likely cause more damage than what nature may have intended. After the storm assess the landscape areas which seem most vulnerable, or […]