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Protect New Trees From Winter Sunscald

Across the northern U.S. and Canada, cold temperatures can damage many plants. Wide fluctuations in temperature can be particularly detrimental to newly planted landscape and fruit trees from late fall to early spring.  Street trees are particularly susceptible. Sun scald is described by elongated, sunken, dried, or cracked areas of dead bark, usually on the […]

Protect Fruit Trees and Bee Population

Cedar rust infection spot Warm weather in early spring means scab, cedar apple rust and powdery mildew diseases are upon the new leaves as they start to emerge. Preventative spraying for leaf diseases will result in management of additional fungi diseases through the growing season. Fungicides are protectants and not cure-alls. A light rain shower (as […]

Tree and Berry Fruit Pollination Chart

  A frequent question of newbie fruit gardeners is what will pollinate what. Do I need many varieties or can all be the same variety? The four common terms are used: Self-pollinated: transfer of pollen occurs within the same variety. Cross-pollinated: transfer of pollen occurs between two varieties. Self-unfruitful: low fruit set unless the blossoms […]

Disease Free Apple Varieties

Over the past 30 years, the goal has been to develop good eating and storing apples which are not susceptible to four major diseases. The first 3 cultivars released were ‘Prima’, ‘Priscilla’, and ‘Sir Prize’, but they lacked great flavor and storage quality. Apples are susceptible to four serious diseases: apple scab, cedar-apple rust, fireblight, and powdery mildew.  Scab, rust and mildew […]

Tips on Planting an Apple Orchard

Apples are easy to grow with a little planning. Select the varieties based on what you like to munch on. Visit the local supermarket and buy several to sample. Some apples taste better in pies and in sauce. Some varieties have a short shelf life and must be consumed within a few weeks after picking […]