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Gardenias Continue To Disappoint In The Mid-South

The lure of fragrant white flowers have mid-South gardeners (zones 6 and 7) wanting to grow gardenias (Gardenia jasminoides). New cultivars, supposedly hardier than previous ones, hit garden centers every spring. Unfortunately, zones 6 and 7 winters usually prove them wrong. Recent purchases of new cultivars ‘Frostproof’ and Pinwheel® and older selection ‘Kleim’s Hardy’ have […]

New Cannova® Cannas Worth A Try

                Cannova® Cannas (Canna x generalis) are one of a new series of seed produced hybrid cannas. In addition to profuse flowering, they’re highly rated for their compact bushy plant habit and ability to form multiple shoots. They bloom earlier and continue nonstop through summer up to first frost. Their bold, […]

Gladiolas Are Wonderful Cutflowers

Across most regions of the U.S., planting gladiola corms (they’re not really “bulbs”) begins a week before the probable frost-free date has passed in the spring. Stagger individual plantings every 2-3 weeks through mid- July. Many people opt to grow them as cutflowers for their homes. Purchase large or premium sized corms that measure 1 […]