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Slender Deutzia Is Versatile Landscape Shrub

                Most gardeners have never heard of deutzias (Deutzia spp.) which is very unfortunate. There are many species of deutzias. They bloom in spring and grow into many shapes and sizes. Slender Deutzia (Deutzia gracilis) is a small densely branched deciduous shrub with upright to slightly arching branching (USDA zones 5-8). […]

American Holly For Year-round Interest

American Holly (Ilex opaca) is a pyramidal evergreen tree that deserves to be planted more for multiple reasons. It is native to the eastern and central U. S. and is easily identified by its spiny green leaves (USDA hardiness zones 5 to 9). It grows slowly to 15 to 35 feet, sometimes taller.  The leathery, deep […]