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Basic Care Tips In The Spring Perennial Garden

              In late winter – early spring, after the snow has melted and daytime temperatures are steadily above freezing, let’s get busy with the cleanup in the perennial garden. First, if you garden in a severe winter region such as zones 4 or colder, remove all winter protection such […]

Critter-Resistant Flower Bulbs

              Who doesn’t love colorful flowering bulbs in the early spring garden? Unfortunately, many gardens are terrorized by flower-devouring deer or bulb-chomping squirrels, voles and other critters. When utilizing smelly sprays, expensive fencing, or firearms are not options, plant a wide choice of flower bulbs that critters don’t like. […]

Invite These “Bells” To Next Spring’s Garden Ball

Fall planting of many kinds of bulbs is a worthwhile long term investment of your time. Many bulbs (and corms) like daffodils and crocuses will naturalize where you plant them. They also bloom for long periods from late winter into spring. Bulbs bloom nice their first spring; flower heavier the second year; and multiply each […]