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Fall Trimming Of Perennials

You do not need to cut perennials back in the fall, but many gardeners do so as part of the garden cleanup. Don’t rush the job. Leaves of many perennial plants continue to produce and store carbohydrates in crowns and roots until they go fully dormant. Wait until after the first hard frost or until […]

Hard Working Perennials For Your Late Summer Garden

Add several fall-flowering perennials to your garden that will add late season color and pizzazz . These are reliable tough perennials, and beneficial pollinators love them.  Visit garden centers in August to make your purchases. However, for these great plants to return next year and subsequent years, plants need to get their root systems established. […]

See Your Perennials Blooming Again

Deadheading is the removal of old spent flowers and stems of many perennials. Many (not all) perennials will respond and bloom a second and even a third time. Deadheading also refreshes the plant’s appearance and reduces or eliminates the threat of seed dispersal. It redirects the plant’s energy away from seed production toward root and vegetative growth. […]

Late Rising Perennials

              As air temperatures rise in the spring, most garden perennials and wildflowers are emerging from the ground. With the sudden appearance of 80°F temperatures, many seem to blast through the still cold soil in 1-2 days, and in full bloom a few weeks later. Yet, through the month […]

50+ Flowering Pollen/Nectar Plants For Bumblebees

Here are three key points in planning your pollination garden. To attract U.S. native bumblebees: First, add both early(*), mid-summer, and late(**) flowers in the mix for a three seasons long garden. Second, mass together many of the same kinds of flowers, not just one or two plants, so that bees will spot them easier and to visit the planting frequently. […]

Monarch Tagging Program*

*Blog is guest authored by Joy Stewart, University of Tennessee Master Gardener. She lives in Bristol, TN. For such a small creature, weighing in at only half a gram, the Monarch butterfly has almost more remarkable facts and puzzling mysteries attached to it than one can count.  No other butterfly in the world migrates like […]

New Compact Russian Sages Arriving

  Russian sage (Perovskia atriplicifolia) is a long-lived easy care summer flowering perennial or sub-shrub. It grows in dry to medium moist, well-drained soil and, first and foremost, in full sun. It holds up to summer’s heat, drought, and humidity (USDA hardiness zones 5-9). The Perennial Plant Association designated Russian Sage as the Perennial Plant of the […]

Russian Sage More Shrub-like Than Perennial

Russian sage (Perovskia atriplicifolia) is low maintenance woody-based perennial. It grows in a dry to medium moist average soil and, first and foremost, in full sun. It’s a long-lived perennial which stands up to summer’s heat and humidity (USDA hardiness zones 5-9). Branches tend to flop or take on a droopy appearance in late summer. […]