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Lungworts- Perfect Shade Companion With Hostas

The lungworts (Pulmonaria spp.) are very popular in shade gardens with hostas, astilbes, Solomon seals, and ferns (USDA hardiness zones 4-8). Their green or silver-colored foliage may be dusted with green, silver or white spots. Lungworts are divided into two distinct foliage forms: narrow long-leaf (P. longifolia) and silvery or speckled oval leaves (P. saccharata). […]

Pulmonarias: Wonderful In The Shade Garden

Although my multi-year addiction for hostas has never waned,  I remain equally passionate about the lungworts (Pulmonaria spp.). Lungwort is also called Bethlehem sage and Jerusalem sage. Their uniquely splotched or variegated foliage wakes up a dark patch in any shade garden. Lungworts are planted as ground covers and for color accents. In early spring (March), lungworts send up […]