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Tidying Perennials After Blooming Is Over

“Deadheading”, the practice of removing the old or spent flowers, can be utilized to improve the appearance of many perennials. These perennials do not rebloom after deadheading, but plants look alot better after the cleanup. Daylilies (Hemerocallis cv.), coral bells* (Heuchera spp.), and hostas (Hosta spp.) are prime examples of perennials that benefit from clean up after deadheading. The flower or […]

Lungworts- Perfect Shade Companion With Hostas

The lungworts (Pulmonaria spp.) are very popular in shade gardens with hostas, astilbes, Solomon seals, and ferns (USDA hardiness zones 4-8). Their green or silver-colored foliage may be dusted with green, silver or white spots. Lungworts are divided into two distinct foliage forms: narrow long-leaf (P. longifolia) and silvery or speckled oval leaves (P. saccharata). […]

Pulmonarias: Wonderful In The Shade Garden

Although my multi-year addiction for hostas has never waned,  I remain equally passionate about the lungworts (Pulmonaria spp.). Lungwort is also called Bethlehem sage and Jerusalem sage. Their uniquely splotched or variegated foliage wakes up a dark patch in any shade garden. Lungworts are planted as ground covers and for color accents. In early spring (March), lungworts send up […]