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Tidying Perennials After Blooming Is Over

“Deadheading”, the practice of removing the old or spent flowers, can be utilized to improve the appearance of many perennials. These perennials do not rebloom after deadheading, but plants look alot better after the cleanup. Daylilies (Hemerocallis cv.), coral bells* (Heuchera spp.), and hostas (Hosta spp.) are prime examples of perennials that benefit from clean up after deadheading. The flower or […]

Hold In Confinement

Some plants are incredibly aggressive. Herbicides like Roundup™ won’t phase them. They often escape and take over other areas of your garden or neighborhood. Four notorious examples are ditch lilies (Hemerocallus fulva), swamp milkweed (Asclepias incarnata), Mexican petunia (Ruellia brittoniana), and pink evening primrose (Oenothera speciosa). You can grow these four weedy offenders in confinement. All will survive […]

Preventing Disease Outbreaks In The Garden

              When a sick plant has been diagnosed with a viral or bacterial disease, your only option is to remove the diseased branch by pruning or destroy the entire plant. You should start out by practicing prevention. Prevention is adopting good cultural and sanitation practices. Consider the following measures: Start with disease-free […]

Rebloomers Need Your Help

                Re-bloomers are specific cultivars that bring on a repeat floral show – two and sometimes three in one season. In my garden re-blooming iris and re-blooming daylilies return for another round of bloom in late summer and fall. Also, deadheading some perennials will cause them to flower again. You, the gardener, must supply needed […]

Kingwood Center In Mansfield, Ohio

Over the years Kingwood Center in Mansfield, Ohio (60 miles north of Columbus) has been a popular public gardens to visit. Formerly the home of Charles King, the 47 acre former estate garden has been open to the public since 1953. The former King home now houses Kingwood’s administrative offices and horticultural library. Kingwood is […]

‘Going Bananas’ Daylily Blooms Continuously

‘Going Bananas’ is an extended-blooming daylily. This diploid cultivar flowers a three month long continuous blooming cycle (rather than stopping and starting again) from early summer into fall. Each bloom stays open longer, at least 16 hours per day. Each trumpet-shaped flower opens wider, a new genetic trait in daylilies. Going Bananas features slightly fragrant, […]

‘Stella D’Oro’- First And Last Daylily To Bloom

For over a quarter of a century, wherever daylilies (Hemerocallus spp.) grow, you will find the very popular gold-flowered ‘Stella d’Oro’ daylily (USDA hardiness zones 2-9). It’s one of a few daylilies that blooms 3 out of 4 seasons. Its small size makes it an ideal choice as a ground cover. This short clump growing […]

‘Hyperion’ Daylily Still Popular 90 Years Later

‘Hyperion’, a mid-season June-July bloomer, was designated the 2011 Award of Merit winner by the British Horticultural Society. That’s not bad for a daylily (Hemerocallus spp.) variety that was introduced in 1924. It’s still very popular among gardeners and garden designers. You see it everywhere, planted in shopping mall parking lots or along NC highways. […]

2014 Plant Winners Announced

At the start of each year the Motion Picture Industry awards their Golden Globes and Oscars. The Music Industry has the Grammys. Gardening associations also announce the award-winning plants. The National Garden Bureau (NGB) has declared 2014 Year of the Echinacea (coneflower) in the perennial category. NGB declared the mighty cucumber as Vegetable of The […]

‘Halloween Hocus Pocus’ Daylily For Garden Goblins

On a pleasant July morning I saw my first ‘Halloween Hocus Pocus’ daylily (Hemerocallus x ‘Hocus Pocus’) in a friend’s garden. The 5 ½ inch flowers stand on 26 inch tall stems (scapes) and the foliage is semi-evergreen. The cultivar name describes it best. Its creamy orange color with a triangular black throat and wide […]