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50+ Flowering Pollen/Nectar Plants For Bumblebees

Here are three key points in planning your pollination garden. To attract U.S. native bumblebees: First, add both early(*), mid-summer, and late(**) flowers in the mix for a three seasons long garden. Second, mass together many of the same kinds of flowers, not just one or two plants, so that bees will spot them easier and to visit the planting frequently. […]

Should You Plant In Fall?

            Should you plant in the Fall? It depends what region you live in, what month in fall, and what species you’re planting. If you live in the mid-Atlantic, coastal New England, or Southeastern U.S., fall is an excellent time to set most hardy plants. Most (not all) trees, shrubs, perennials, […]

‘Biokova’ Cranesbill Dependable Year-Round Ground Cover

Biokova is not a new geranium, aka cranesbill (Geranium x cantebrigiense ‘Biokova’). Its exceptional landscape performance has earned the 2015 Perennial Plant of the Year designation. Cranesbills are highly dependable perennial ground cover for partial sun to partial shade landscape sites (USDA hardiness zones 5-8). Among the better choices of cranesbills, ‘Biokova’ has proven exceptionally reliable here […]

Past Winners of the Perennial Plant of The Year Award

Each year PPA members choose a Perennial Plant of the Year™. Since 1990 24 great plants have been selected. Some of the selection criteria include: • Suitable to a wide range of climatic conditions • Low Maintenance • Pest and disease resistant • Availability at garden centers • Multiple seasons of color (beauty) The list […]