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Need To Deadhead Perennials

Deadheading is the practice of removing spent blossoms to stimulate re-blooming. It also refreshes the plant’s appearance, and lessens the threat of seed dispersal. It redirects the plant’s energy from seed production to root and shoot growth. Deadheading is an extra chore throughout the growing season. When the plant (perennial or annual) has stopped blooming or […]

New Coreopsis Cultivars All The Rage

              Threadleaf coreopsis (Coreopsis verticillata), also called tickseed, is a popular summer flowering  perennial. Coreopsis are native to the U.S. and produces hundreds of pale-yellow blooms. Depending on cultivar, plant grows 12 to 18 inches tall and 2 feet wide. Some gardeners even plant old-time favorites like ‘Zagreb’ and ‘Moonbeam’ as annuals (USDA hardiness zones […]

Rebloomers Need Your Help

                Re-bloomers are specific cultivars that bring on a repeat floral show – two and sometimes three in one season. In my garden re-blooming iris and re-blooming daylilies return for another round of bloom in late summer and fall. Also, deadheading some perennials will cause them to flower again. You, the gardener, must supply needed […]

Past Winners of the Perennial Plant of The Year Award

Each year PPA members choose a Perennial Plant of the Year™. Since 1990 24 great plants have been selected. Some of the selection criteria include: • Suitable to a wide range of climatic conditions • Low Maintenance • Pest and disease resistant • Availability at garden centers • Multiple seasons of color (beauty) The list […]

Coreopsis ‘Route 66’ – A Riot of Color

 Create a hot splash in your garden this summer. Threadleaf coreopsis (Coreopsis verticillata) ‘Route 66’ is a new selection by Itsaul Nursery in Atlanta, Georgia (USDA zone 4 to 9). Coreopsis ‘Route 66’ originated in Pennsylvania (zone 5). Perennial gardeners have been planting yellow- flowered ‘Moonbeam’ and ‘Zagreb’ cultivars for over a quarter of a […]