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Watering Tips When Away On Vacation

Summer annuals: Hot July – August weather may demand daily or twice-daily watering for container-grown annuals. A trustworthy neighbor may have to handle these chores. Flowers and vegetables: When there is no rain within a week, water deeply any vegetables that are bearing fruits like tomato, peppers, and squash. Plants will keep producing far into […]

Past Winners of the Perennial Plant of The Year Award

Each year PPA members choose a Perennial Plant of the Year™. Since 1990 24 great plants have been selected. Some of the selection criteria include: • Suitable to a wide range of climatic conditions • Low Maintenance • Pest and disease resistant • Availability at garden centers • Multiple seasons of color (beauty) The list […]

Tough And Reliable Chinese Astilbes

Astilbes (also called “false spireas”) are favorite late spring flowering perennials.  The Astilbe x arendsii hybrids from Germany are most popular and available at local garden centers. Astilbes are very hardy in the Southern Appalachian region (USDA zones 6 and 7). If low maintenance is your goal, try Chinese astilbe (Astilbe chinensis var tacquetii). Their […]