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Tidy Up These Perennials After Blooming Is Finished

Deadheading, the practice of removing the old spent flowers from perennials, is a way to improve a garden’s appearance and reduce overcrowding. Secondarily, many (not all) will rebloom after deadheading. Not all perennials respond to deadheading by reblooming. Most daylilies (Hemerocallis x.), coralbells (Heuchera spp.), and hostas (Hosta spp.) are prime examples of perennials that do not […]

Powis Castle Artemisia Is Exceptional

Most artemisias (aka “wormwood”) can not cope with the summer heat and humidity in the mid-South. Their silvery foliage tends to burn out (some say “melt out”) in mid to late summer. ‘Powis Castle’ artemisia is truly the exception. Powis Castle is likely a hybrid (Artemisia arborescens x A. absinthium Powis Castle is a bushy, woody-based perennial […]