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50+ Flowering Pollen/Nectar Plants For Bumblebees

Here are three key points in planning your pollination garden. To attract U.S. native bumblebees: First, add both early(*), mid-summer, and late(**) flowers in the mix for a three seasons long garden. Second, mass together many of the same kinds of flowers, not just one or two plants, so that bees will spot them easier and to visit the planting frequently. […]

Add Alliums In Your Spring Flower Garden

              Ornamental alliums, members of the onion family (Amaryllidaceae), produce flowers that are uniquely ball shaped and stand atop long, graceful stems. Young children marvel about the lollipop or stargazing blooms. Depending on species, alliums come in many colors (white, yellow, pink, purple, blue), shapes (round, oval, cascading), and sizes (5 inches to 5 feet tall). […]

Critter-Resistant Flower Bulbs

              Who doesn’t love colorful flowering bulbs in the early spring garden? Unfortunately, many gardens are terrorized by flower-devouring deer or bulb-chomping squirrels, voles and other critters. When utilizing smelly sprays, expensive fencing, or firearms are not options, plant a wide choice of flower bulbs that critters don’t like. […]

Allium ‘Millennium’ Outstanding Summer Blooming Ground Cover

Allium ‘Millennium’ is a rhizomatous type allium (onion) introduced by plant breeder Mark McDonough over a decade ago (USDA hardiness zones 5-8). In nursery catalogs it is sometimes listed Allium nutans‘Millennium’. Fleshy strap-like 12-inch long glossy green foliage emits a slight oniony smell when crushed. ‘Millennium’ is a rhizomatous (clump growing) long-lived perennial. Individual plants […]