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Seasonal Mowing Height Of Home Lawns

      The arrival of summer’s heat and dry weather is a clear sign to raise the cutting (mowing) height of your lawn grass.  Every grass species have a recommended height at which it should be mowed for best health. The cutting height will change with the season. Location in the yard is also […]

Timing Critical For Applying Crabgrass Preventive

              To control crabgrass and other lawn weeds, 1. maintain a vigorous healthy turf so weeds can’t get established, and  2. apply the proper pre-emergent herbicide at the right time. Pre-emergent herbicides do not kill weeds; they prevent weed seeds from germinating. It’s that simple. Timing is important! In many states […]

What You Should Know About Herbicides

              By definition a weed is any plant that you don’t want in your garden. Herbicides are vegetation killers and  classified as a pesticide that kills weeds. When used incorrectly, herbicides may injure good plants as well. Always read and understand the package directions before using. In a lawn or garden, you may be trying […]

Seven Step Lawn Renovation Program

Fall (late August to mid-October) is the “springtime” for lawn care. Most weeds have stopped growing and the cooler weather is a more comfortable time to work outdoors. If your home lawn is in horrible condition, now (not spring) is the best time of the year to take on lawn renovation. First, here are a few […]

Start A New Fescue Lawn In The Fall

Likely, summer heat and drought have taken their toll on your home lawn. Late summer and fall are opportune times to start a new home lawn. Rainfall is usually plentiful and cooler day-night temperatures should spur a rapid grass recovery. If your home lawn is mostly weeds, including unwanted bermuda grass, think about starting over. […]

All About Crabgrass

Crabgrass is an annual grassy weed which dies out around the first autumn frost. Seeds dropped last summer germinate when the soil warms up from early spring through summer. When spring soil temperatures reach 55-60 degrees  (the forsythia shrub is blooming), apply a pre-emergent crabgrass preventative. These herbicides are very effective applied in late winter […]

July Lawn Care

Around July 4th it’s time for a second (and last) application of crabgrass preventative. The herbicide which you applied in late winter is likely worn off. The basic herbicide preventative product tradenames (and active ingredients) are: Barricade® (prodiamine), Dimension® (dithiopyr), Echelon® (prodiamine + sulfentrazone), Pendulum® (pendimethalin), and Ronstar® (oxadiazon). Irrigate (1/2 inch water or 1  1/2 hours watering with an […]

Act Now for Crabgrass-free Lawn This Summer

What grows there? Hopefully, it’s not crabgrass this summer.  Crabgrass (Digitaria spp.) is an annual weed grass that devour lawns, shrub beds and flower gardens. There are lots of effective crabgrass preventatives sold at garden shops, hardware stores, and farm supply centers. There are numerous trademarked products. It is important to read and understand package instructions. […]