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Japanese Larch Is Preferred In Northern U.S.

Larches (Larix spp.) are majestic deciduous conifers in their northern ranges of their habitat (USDA hardiness zone 4 to 7). However, trees do not prosper in hot and humid summers south of USDA Zone 7. One of the best is Japanese larch (Larix kaempferi), but unfortunately, it is not commonly planted in U.S. landscapes. The tree averages 50-60 feet in height and 25-35 […]

Salt Damage on Trees

Winter 2010 lingers on across Tennessee, Virginia and North Carolina. The white coating of de-icing salts over streets and highways can damage many trees and shrubs. Salt spray and salt deposits may also leach into the soil and become equally damaging. Plant species vary in their sensitivity to salt injury.Browning of the tips of needle […]