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“Plant It Pink” Planting Program

  To build awareness and show support for those affected by breast cancer, over 40 volunteers filled public gardens and surrounding areas with pink plants in downtown Haslett, a suburb of Lansing, MI. The Invincibelle® Spirit II hydrangeas are a beautiful reminder that we are not alone in our hopes and prayers for a cure. […]

Why Mophead Hydrangeas Do Not Bloom

      The introduction of Endless Summer® hydrangeas in the 1990’s got gardeners excited about growing mophead hydrangeas  (Hydrangea macrophylla) again. Mophead hydrangeas bloom both on old wood in the spring and again on new wood in mid-summer. Flowers have either a blue/pink color depending on the pH of the soil. Endless Summer hydrangeas bloomed […]

‘Morgan’ Oriental Arborvitae

When dwarf conifer hobbiests visit one another’s gardens, they discover new plants, some which later show up in their own landscape. Morgan oriental arborvitae (Platycladus orientalis ‘Morgan’) has become very popular among collectors living in the southeast and mid-Atlantic regions. Morgan arb is a fairly slow-growing, typically 5 inches or less per year. It provides […]

Success With Blue/Pink Mophead Hydrangeas

Mophead hydrangeas (Hydrangea macrophylla), the blue/pink flowering species, have been the gardening rage since the early 1990’s. Endless Summer® hydrangea started a wave of new repeat blooming (remontant) cultivars. They bloom on both  new season’s as well as old wood from the previous year. These hardier cultivars extended the flowering time by 8 to 10 more weeks and bloomed in cooler climates formerly unable to […]

Winter Care of House Plants

Lovely Foliage Plants at Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC Most plants adapt to winter’s shorter daylength and low light intensity. Interior plants require less water and nutrients. Plants also adapt to the lower room humidity in our modern day homes. Grouping plants together and spritzing them 1-2 times a day is helpful. Soil moisture needs varies with the type […]