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Curing Winter Blues… A Trip To The Philadelphia Flower Show

Since 1827, the Philadelphia Flower Show has been the world’s longest-running and largest indoor flower show. This 8 days flower show, from 11 March 2017 (Saturday) to 19 March 2017 (Sunday), is organized by Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS). The 8- day event features incredible large-scale floral displays, elaborate gardens, and creative floral arrangements. Over ¼ […]

Avoiding Slug Problems On Hostas

  Finding slug resistance among hosta varieties is relative. By late summer, you will find some holes in leaves in almost every variety, some a lot worst than others. There are ways to reduce slug injury in your host plantings. Weather is a key factor. Wet summers means higher slug and snail populations. Dry summers is […]

Chanticleer Garden – A Garden For Ideas

                Chanticleer Garden is an estate and botanical gardens, that bills itself as a “pleasure garden”. Chanticleer is “a garden for ideas”. The property is located at 786 Church Road in Wayne Pennsylvania, approximately 30 minutes of Philadelphia. Chanticleer celebrated its 100 year centennial in 2013 as the […]

Spice Up Dark Garden Spots With Heucherellas

              Here come the heucherellas (x Heucherella), also called “foamy bells”. Heucherellas are hybrids that result from crossing two U.S. native genera: foamflower (Tiarella spp.) and coral bell (Heuchera spp.). Terra Nova Nurseries, a wholesale grower in Oregon, were the first to develop these hybrids. They possess the awesome foliage from both species parents. One […]

‘Sun King’ Golden Aralia Glows In Summer Garden

            Plants with golden foliage brighten up a dark area in the garden. Sun King golden aralia (Aralia cordata ‘Sun King’) is no exception, hardy in USDA hardiness zones 3-9.  Bright golden compound leaves emerge in mid-spring and Sun King aralia retains its bright color through the summer months. This long-lived perennial […]

Coleus Thrive In Summer Heat And Humidity

                Coleus (Plectranthus scutellariodes) is a summer annual treasured for its colorful foliage. Plants thrive in summer’s heat and humidity (USDA hardiness zone 11).  Coleus is a member of the nettle family Lamiaceae. You can create dazzling beds of  color using coleus alone or mixed with flowering annuals. Modern day coleus grow more compact and better branched. […]

Italian Arum Returns Every Autumn

Italian arum (Arum italicum) is a long-lived woodland perennial native to Italy and much of the Mediterranean region. Several members of the arum family (Araceae), including this species, are also known as “Lords and Ladies”. It typically grows 9-18 inches tall (depending on location) and slowly spreads over many years. Shoots first emerge from beneath the woodland leaf […]

Flame Azalea Favorite Among Native Azaleas

Flame azalea (R. calendulaceum) is a spectacular sight when it flowers in early May through June (depending on location). The mountainsides across the Appalachian region seem to be afire with their yellow, orange or red flowers (USDA hardiness zones 5 thru 8). Its native habitat is in open, dry sites in woods, on the hillsides, and […]

Japanese Kerria Beautiful Old-fashioned Shrub

                Japanese Kerria (Kerria japonica) is an old fashioned shrub that never seems to go out of style (USDA hardiness zones 5-9). Some call it the “Yellow Rose of Texas”, although kerria originates from eastern Asia. Its showy yellow buttercup-like flowers bloom in spring, after the forsythias have […]

Basic Hosta Facts

Hostas are the most popular shade perennial in the U.S. They prefer a moist, compost-rich, well-drained soil. In northerly areas (USDA hardiness zones 4-5), where summers are cooler, most hardy cultivars grow in full sun. In warmer zones those in full sun must be irrigated frequently. Blue leaf cultivars look their best only in shady areas; the white waxy coating, responsible […]