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Flowering Cabbage and Kale For Autumn Gardens

            Creating both edible and ornamentally pleasing vegetables has been a goal of plant breeders. Flowering cabbage and kale (Brassica oleracea) are a new landscaping niche in the autumn garden. Plants develop huge leafy rosettes and eventually form heads. Color patterns on leaves include white, cream, red and purple shades. The […]

What’s In Your Garden Soil

There are two basic rules in gardening: 1. the right plant in the right place, and 2. properly feeding the soil that nourishes the plants. Many problems in lawns and gardens can be avoided if the gardener knows what the fertility and pH of the soil is. What is soil pH? It is a measure of the soil acidity […]

Fall Leaf Gathering Turns Into “Black Gold”

              In autumn the cool crisp air paints the land with a colorful array from tree and shrub foliage. As days turn into weeks, leaves fall away and pile up on rooftops, walkways, lawns and gardens. Instead of just raking and tossing them curbside, gather and put them to good use. Fallen leaves (and grass clippings) can be […]

All About Mulches

                Mulches aid in retaining soil moisture and reducing weeding chores. Over the years organically-based mulches gradually improve garden soils. Organic mulches are basically recycled bark, branches, twigs and leaves (including needles). Frequently they are organic by-products from the logging industry. Grass clippings and straw are also mulch sources. Hay is usually  full […]

Soil Testing Is Fool-Proof Garden Insurance

Soil testing is  a gardener’s best low cost insurance for enjoying a gorgeous garden or lawn. A soil analysis may be a problem solver, informing you of the soil nutrient content and pH. It  accurately calculates how much chemical fertilizer, limestone, manure and other components to add. You save money is your soil is already rich enough or […]


Blueberries (Vaccinium spp.) are healthy for you and exceptionally easy to grow organically (without pesticides). Why?- because blueberries are bothered by very few disease and insect problems. Success in growing blueberries depends upon pre-plant soil preparation. If you’re thinking about growing blueberrues for the first time, then allot this  calendar year for soil preparation. Put off planting blueberries until the early fall or […]