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Stop Inviting Critters to Your Property

Landscaping practices can influence pest populations. Old landscape timbers, particularly those that are partially rotted, may provide food for termites. powder post beetles, and carpenter ants. Numbers of millipedes, earwigs, crickets, sowbugs, and clover mite larvae may be greatly reduced if piled up old branches and boards are properly disposed of. Mosquito populations rise in wet summer weather […]

Fall Leaf Gathering Turns Into “Black Gold”

              In autumn the cool crisp air paints the land with a colorful array from tree and shrub foliage. As days turn into weeks, leaves fall away and pile up on rooftops, walkways, lawns and gardens. Instead of just raking and tossing them curbside, gather and put them to good use. Fallen leaves (and grass clippings) can be […]

All About Mulches

                Mulches aid in retaining soil moisture and reducing weeding chores. Over the years organically-based mulches gradually improve garden soils. Organic mulches are basically recycled bark, branches, twigs and leaves (including needles). Frequently they are organic by-products from the logging industry. Grass clippings and straw are also mulch sources. Hay is usually  full […]

Fungus In A Lawn A Natural Phenomena

White or brown colored mushrooms are the visible reproductive (fruiting) structures of some types of fungi. An umbrella-shaped fruiting body is the most common form, but mushrooms come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Most people call them mushrooms, toadstools, or puffballs. Mushrooms are the reproductive stage of fungi and their spores are “seed”, the […]

Protect Autos and Home Siding From Artillery Fungus

Artillery fungus (Sphaerobolus stellatus) deposits small tar-like specks on the siding of your house or on your car finish in early spring or fall. Artillery fungus is a wood-rotting organism living in the mulch around your home foundation. The fungus shoots its sticky, black spore masses as far as 20 feet out away. The tar spots adhere […]

Volcano Mulching Harmful

Piling up mulch around trees or shrubs, called “volcano mulching”, is a bad practice and is killing them. Perhaps you’ve seen a neighbor or a professional landscaper doing it, and assumed that it must be alright. It’s not! The deep mulch pile smothers the natural buttress flair of the trunk which breathes and absorbs air for […]

Does Mulch Attract Termites?

 Mulching, in itself, does not attract termites to your home. That’s the conclusion of two university studies. Soil moisture appears to be the key factor that attracts termites to the home.  The subterranean termites found in scattered, localized areas are routinely found in wood chip mulch. While landscape mulches are good for woody and herbaceous […]