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Gardenias Continue To Disappoint In The Mid-South

The lure of fragrant white flowers have mid-South gardeners (zones 6 and 7) wanting to grow gardenias (Gardenia jasminoides). New cultivars, supposedly hardier than previous ones, hit garden centers every spring. Unfortunately, zones 6 and 7 winters usually prove them wrong. Recent purchases of new cultivars ‘Frostproof’ and Pinwheel® and older selection ‘Kleim’s Hardy’ have […]

What’s In Your Garden Soil

There are two basic rules in gardening: 1. the right plant in the right place, and 2. properly feeding the soil that nourishes the plants. Many problems in lawns and gardens can be avoided if the gardener knows what the fertility and pH of the soil is. What is soil pH? It is a measure of the soil acidity […]

Soil Sampling Is Good Insurance

Do you know what your soil needs to grow a great lawn, flower, or vegetable garden? If you haven’t analyzed the soil in the past five years, get it done in any season. Most gardeners do it in late winter when university, state, and private soil labs are busiest. The local Extension office or a […]

New Blueberry Planting Require One Year Soil Prep

Fresh blueberries a few more weeks away from harvest Blueberries are the easiest fruit crop to grow. Blueberries have few disease and insect problems. Birds become a significant problem as harvest time approaches, from mid-June through September. Blueberry culture is unique as the ideal soil pH range is 4.8 – 5.2. You should spend a […]