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Consumer Gardening Trends For 2016*

  The Garden Media Group (GMG) has released its annual Garden Trends Report for 2016. The report, titled “Syncing With Nature,” identifies eight consumer trends that the group predicts will shake up the garden and outdoor living industry this coming year. The report finds “gardening” has transformed into a connected lifestyle in 2016, with a rising […]

Tree and Berry Fruit Pollination Chart

  A frequent question of newbie fruit gardeners is what will pollinate what. Do I need many varieties or can all be the same variety? The four common terms are used: Self-pollinated: transfer of pollen occurs within the same variety. Cross-pollinated: transfer of pollen occurs between two varieties. Self-unfruitful: low fruit set unless the blossoms […]

Growing Elderberries in the Garden

Elderberry (Sambucus canadensis) is native to eastern North America, commonly found growing in open fields, thickets, fence rows, and along roadsides. Elderberry has pinnate leaves with toothed leaflets. Large flat clusters of small white flowers are evident by early summer, followed by large clusters of round purple-black fruit in late summer and fall. The fruits are […]