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Don’t Let’em Sucker

Some grafted and budded shrubs and trees develop a bad habit to sending up shoots (suckering) from its rootsystem. This creates an untidy appearance around the base of shrubs and trees. Far worse, the root suckers may compete for domination over the cultivar graft. They may rob photosynthate, water and nutrients from the grafted plant. Eventually, the grafted portion may die. Gardeners select grafted plants for a number […]

Key Points Whether To Grow Peaches

Peaches grow in other places besides Georgia, USA. A decade long period of mild winters in the Southern Appalachian region (USDA zones 6 and 7) have increased gardener confidence about growing peaches. Peaches (Prunus persica) tend to flower in early spring when the threat of spring frosts is still high. In many years spring frost may kill 80% of […]

Dwarfing Rootstocks for Apple Trees

  No more climbing ladders to pick apples. Less waiting for first harvest for newly planted tree.  These are some of the reasons for planting dwarf apple trees. Over the past 100 years numerous dwarf rootstocks have been introduced.  In addition to the degree of dwarfing, some rootstocks are more disease and insect resistant.  The original East […]