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Update: Prevention / Treatment Options For Rose Rosette Disease

Rose rosette is a devastating disease of most species of garden roses, including hybrid and shrub roses. Rose rosette disease has spread from the Rocky Mountains to the East Coast over several decades and is poised to obliterate the rose industry. To date, there is no known effective treatment. Rose rosette is caused by an […]

What Roses Need

              A goal of most rose gardeners (rosarians) is to grow them almost maintenance free. The improved shrub roses introduced almost two decades ago have brought this too reality. Rose series such as Knockout®, Home Run®, Drift®, OSO Easy®, Carefree® and Meidiland™ are among the best. No matter the pedigree of the rose, selecting a […]

Pest Alert: Inspect All Garden Roses For Rose Rosette

Rose rosette is a serious virus disease of roses (Rosa spp.). Over the past 3 years ago gardeners have experienced losses of popular shrub roses. The disease continues to gain ground across the U.S. Rose nurseries are working feverishly to find a solution. Landscapers and gardeners should inspect all garden roses, including hybrid tea, grandiflora, […]

Dreaded Rose Rosette Disease

No rose is resistant to this deadly virus disease. Symptoms of rose rosette disease (photo) vary greatly from the species or cultivar planted. Leaves may be small, distorted, and exhibit a conspicuous red pigmentation. Diseased canes may also be noticeably thicker than others around them, and/or may grow in a spiral pattern. Multi-flora roses, a […]