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‘Cherokee Brave’– Outstanding “Red” Flowering Dogwood

Flowering dogwood (Cornus florida) is the most beautiful of U.S. native flowering trees (USDA hardiness zones 5 to 9). It typically grows 15-30 feet tall, but larger forms are known. The tree is broadly-pyramidal at a young age, branching is low, and matures with a rounded canopy. Spring bloom time usually overlaps with redbud (Cercis […]

Preventing Powdery Mildew Disease On Summer Plants

Powdery mildews are serious fungal leaf diseases infecting many garden plants. Each one is host specific. The powdery mildew that attacks summer phlox does not infect zinnias or pumpkin vines. Powdery mildew disease on crape myrtles does not attack lilacs or roses. In recent years new powdery mildew diseases have popped up on dogwoods and […]