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Curing Winter Blues… A Trip To The Philadelphia Flower Show

Since 1827, the Philadelphia Flower Show has been the world’s longest-running and largest indoor flower show. This 8 days flower show, from 11 March 2017 (Saturday) to 19 March 2017 (Sunday), is organized by Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS). The 8- day event features incredible large-scale floral displays, elaborate gardens, and creative floral arrangements. Over ¼ […]

Soil Testing Is Fool-Proof Garden Insurance

Soil testing is  a gardener’s best low cost insurance for enjoying a gorgeous garden or lawn. A soil analysis may be a problem solver, informing you of the soil nutrient content and pH. It  accurately calculates how much chemical fertilizer, limestone, manure and other components to add. You save money is your soil is already rich enough or […]