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Comparing Oriental Lilies To Asiatic Lilies

Both Asiatic and Oriental lilies (Lilium spp.) are popular lilies in U.S. gardens. Hybrid cultivars share traits of both species. Lilies grow in a wide variety of soil types and are not pH sensitive. They flower in full to part partial sun (5 hours minimum of sunlight).  Both prefer a well-drained soil and mulch to keep roots […]

Slow Release Fertilizers Save Money

  On garden center shelves in the spring are slow-release fertilizers. Trade names include Scotts®, Osmocote®, Fertilome®, Hi-Yield®, and Vigoro®. Many are formulated for lawn use. Cost for these products are more than traditional granular fertilizers but prices have dropped over the years and they are better to use environmentally. How do you compare and […]

Watering Tips When Away On Vacation

Summer annuals: Hot July – August weather may demand daily or twice-daily watering for container-grown annuals. A trustworthy neighbor may have to handle these chores. Flowers and vegetables: When there is no rain within a week, water deeply any vegetables that are bearing fruits like tomato, peppers, and squash. Plants will keep producing far into […]

Enjoy Summer Fragrance Of Oriental Lilies

              Oriental lilies (Lilium x orientale) grace summer gardens with brightly colored fragrant blooms (USDA hardiness zones 4-9).  Long tubular (trumpet) flowers measure 6-8 inches across and come in a limited color choices.  From one year to the next, flower numbers increase. Oriental lilies prefer a compost-rich, well-drained soil where they will delight over several summers and in […]