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Monitor And Manage Two-Spotted Spider Mites

              Two-spotted spider mites are destructive pests that ravage a wide host of shrubs and garden plants, including certain house plants, annuals, perennials, herbs and vegetables. Many evergreens are also susceptible. Two-spotted spider mites are warm season arachnids, not insects, and are exceptionally troublesome over a hot dry summer. They […]

Slow Release Fertilizers Save Money

  On garden center shelves in the spring are slow-release fertilizers. Trade names include Scotts®, Osmocote®, Fertilome®, Hi-Yield®, and Vigoro®. Many are formulated for lawn use. Cost for these products are more than traditional granular fertilizers but prices have dropped over the years and they are better to use environmentally. How do you compare and […]

Gladiolas Are Wonderful Cutflowers

Across most regions of the U.S., planting gladiola corms (they’re not really “bulbs”) begins a week before the probable frost-free date has passed in the spring. Stagger individual plantings every 2-3 weeks through mid- July. Many people opt to grow them as cutflowers for their homes. Purchase large or premium sized corms that measure 1 […]