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See Your Perennials Blooming Again

Deadheading is the removal of old spent flowers and stems of many perennials. Many (not all) perennials will respond and bloom a second and even a third time. Deadheading also refreshes the plant’s appearance and reduces or eliminates the threat of seed dispersal. It redirects the plant’s energy away from seed production toward root and vegetative growth. […]

Announcing AAS Ornamental Winners For 2017

All American Selection (AAS) has named six Ornamental winners for 2017. Some include some new color breakthough in the series that you already know as well as some newbies. Dianthus ‘Supra Pink’ (Hem Genetics) is an easy-to-grow interspecific dianthus for three-seasons (spring, summer, fall) of garden color. Its mottled, frilly pink flowers stand up to summer’s heat and […]

Fall Is For Planting

  Does your garden need a refresh? Summer’s heat and drought, devastating storms, and disease and pest problems combine to place a pall over your outdoor living space. Perhaps, you desire an entirely new look. Maybe you’re tired of the same old beds of roses, daylilies and other perennials. Maybe your garden saps too much of […]