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Watering Tips When Away On Vacation

Summer annuals: Hot July – August weather may demand daily or twice-daily watering for container-grown annuals. A trustworthy neighbor may have to handle these chores. Flowers and vegetables: When there is no rain within a week, water deeply any vegetables that are bearing fruits like tomato, peppers, and squash. Plants will keep producing far into […]

Treat Colorful Caladiums As Tender Annuals

Caladiums at Yewdell Gardens in Crestwood, KY (near Louisville) Caladiums (Caladium bicolor) are tropical foliage plants which are grown as annuals. Caladiums brighten up shady to sunny spots. Their brightly colored foliage is either heart and lanced shaped in color combinations ranging from red, rose, pink, chartreuse, green, and white. Caladiums absolutely prefer a warm, […]