Poinsettias – Best Of Show**


Poinsettias In Greenhouse

‘Red Elf’ poinsettia (photo from NC State University, Raleigh)

This holiday season poinsettia breeders continue to give plant buyers lovely colors, patterns and shapes. Recently, at Mitchell’s Nursery & Greenhouse in King, North Carolina, Judy Mitchell got the word out about their annual Poinsettia Open House. Close to 400 people attended their openhouse and evaluated the 10,000 poinsettias, choosing which of the 79 varieties were their favorites.


Here are the results:



Top 5 Reds

  1. Red Elf#
  2. Freedom Red
  3. Jubilee Red
  4. Christmas Feel Merlot
  5. Majoris Red

Top 5 Whites:

White Poinsettia Tree at Biltmore Estates, Asheville, NC

      1.Polar Bear

2.Premium Polar*



5. Mars White

*Tied for 2nd

Top Pink:

  1. Maren
  2. Venus Hot Pink
  3. Luv U Pink
  4. Luv U Pink Hot
  5. Freedom Pink

Top 5 Novelties

  1. Ice Punch
  2. Red Glitter
  3. Tapestry
  4. Ruby Frost
  5. Orange Spice

#Red Elf is designed for the small pot market. Plants flower early season with medium red bracts that are upright facing.

**Source: BUZZ e-newsletter, Ellen Wells editor, oublished by BallHort

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