New: The Bushel and Berry Collection Of Patio Fruits

Bushel and Berry™ Collection Raspberry Shortcake

Back in late 2016 Star® Roses and Plants* purchased the company formerly known as BrazelBerries®. In 2017 they have rebranded the plant offerings into the new Bushel and Berry™ Collection. Beside the old favorites, a new collection of edible berry plants are available at participating garden centers nationwide.

I have successfully grown two varieties on the sunny portion of my deck here in northeast TN (USDA hardiness zone 6-b). The spring purchased  plants bloomed and produce fruits which were delicious. The Bushel and Berry Collection are easy-to-grow and ask for very little maintenance other than watering and fertilizing. Disease and insects did not trouble me my first year. I can’t promise that this will continue in future years. My plants were covered with cheese cloth as fruits began ripening for bird-proofing.

According to Layci Gragnani, program manager for Bushel and Berry, “the collection has a new look reminiscent of the biodegradable berry baskets found at farmer’s markets.”  Currently, The Bushel and Berry collection includes seven varieties:

Raspberry Shortcake® – thornless dwarf raspberry

Peach Sorbet® blueberry – delicious fruits plus red fall leaf color

Jelly Bean® blueberry –dwarf plant with attractive red fall leaf color

Blueberry Glaze®  – small dark berries and red fall leaf color.

Pink Icing™ blueberry – yummy fruits in summer and fall foliage

Perpetua® blueberry – double cropping (2 harvest times)

Baby Cakes™ – thornless dwarf blackberry.

Three growing tips (from me):

  1. Repot in late winter to a slightly larger decorative pot and remove (prune) off old canes and any dead shoots.
  2. Fertilize with a water soluble products like Espoma™ or Miracle-Gro™ bi-monthly from March through August
  3. Place fine mesh netting over pot(s) as fruits begin to ripen.

*Star® Roses and Plants also markets the Knock Out® Family of Roses as well as Drift® Roses.

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