Curing Winter Blues… A Trip To The Philadelphia Flower Show

2016 Philadelphia Flower Show Display

2016 “Liberty Bell” Display at Phil. Flw. Show

Since 1827, the Philadelphia Flower Show has been the world’s longest-running and largest indoor flower show. This 8 days flower show, from 11 March 2017 (Saturday) to 19 March 2017 (Sunday), is organized by Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS). The 8- day event features incredible large-scale floral displays, elaborate gardens, and creative floral arrangements.

Over ¼ quarter million visitors are expected to attend this year’s flower show. They will be treated to fabulous design, live entertainment, culinary demonstrations, gardening how-to workshops, and lectures by experts. The show also hosts a variety of special events including live entertainment, demonstrations, gardening workshops, parties, and lots more.

This year’s theme, “Flowering the World,” will celebrate the beauty and ingenuity of Dutch culture. No other country is as well known for its flower industry as the Netherlands, which fills our world with color. You will view landscapes filled with tulips, hyacinths, fritillarias, daffodils, anemones and lots of cut-flower and bulb markets that have shaped Dutch history.

Explore Holland’s unique landscape, from windmills – one of the earliest uses of natural energy – to 21st-century eco-domes and the Dutch Wave movement, which takes a natural and sustainable approach to landscape design.

Displays will include bridges, windmills, canals and water gardens in a sea of 30,000 flowers — with 6,000 more blooms suspended in a giant floral canopy. Guests can also pass under a brick bridge inspired by the Amsterdam cityscape and adorned with Delft tile patterns, overflowing flower boxes, and hanging baskets. The surrounding garden will be planted with cherry trees, sycamores, and drifts of floral color.

In the Garden Market leading exhibitors will showcase indoor and outdoor ornamental plants, Mediterranean plants, seasonal ornamental plants, plants in containers, cut flowers, starting plants from seeds or bulbs, and seed, soil, peat and perlite, packaging materials, garden accessories, tools, decorations, garden plants and arranging, plant care products and protective chemicals, decoration materials, exotic and miniature trees, fertilizer and chemicals, landscaping and garden architecture, pots and baskets, greenhouses, greenhouse related materials, greenhouse heating & ventilation materials, watering and sprinkler technologies, decorative pools.

The Pennsylvania Convention Center is located at 12th and Arch Streets. Tickets cost $35. Around large metropolitan areas local travel agencies in New York, Delaware, Baltimore, Washington DC and points in between will be offering.

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