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Should You Plant In Fall?

            Should you plant in the Fall? It depends what region you live in, what month in fall, and what species you’re planting. If you live in the mid-Atlantic, coastal New England, or Southeastern U.S., fall is an excellent time to set most hardy plants. Most (not all) trees, shrubs, perennials, […]

Thunderhead Japanese Black Pine For A Different Look

Thunderhead Japanese Black Pine (Pinus thunbergii ‘Thunderhead’) is compact form of Japanese black pine. At maturity it may reach 20 to 25 feet high and 15 to 20 feet wide (USDA hardiness zones 5b-8). Expect this slow-growing conifer to grow 5 feet height and 4 feet width in 10 years. By mid-winter its very long […]

Critter-Resistant Flower Bulbs

              Who doesn’t love colorful flowering bulbs in the early spring garden? Unfortunately, many gardens are terrorized by flower-devouring deer or bulb-chomping squirrels, voles and other critters. When utilizing smelly sprays, expensive fencing, or firearms are not options, plant a wide choice of flower bulbs that critters don’t like. […]

Fall Lawn And Landscape Planting Tips

            The combination of warm soil and cool air makes autumn an ideal time to plant new trees, shrubs, perennials, and cool season annuals. You may want to divide certain perennials such as iris, hostas, daylilies, and lots more. Fall weather favors root growth which aids transplants to recover quickly before winter’s chill arrives. Autumn planting […]

Six Notoriously Weak Wooded Trees

                  Almost any time is a good time to plant trees – weather permitting. Sort through many great choices and avoid planting weak wooded species. These six tree species are generally short-lived, messy, and insect and/or disease susceptible. A few may also be designated invasive in your state. […]

‘Victory’ Chosen Hosta Plant Of The Year For 2015

The Hosta Growers Association has selected ‘Victory’ the Hosta of the Year for 2015 (USDA Zones 3–9). ‘Victory’ is a large hosta cultivar with gold edged variegated leaves and an upright vase-shaped plant habit. Victory hosta is a sport of H. nigrescens ‘Elatior’, distinctive also for its beautiful, upright form. Plant develops into a broad 3 – […]

Fall Landscaping Tips

                  Cool autumn temperatures and increased rainfall make Autumn an ideal time to plant. Attractive landscaping adds value to your home and property. Selecting select deciduous trees and shrubs may reduce home winter heating bills and provide cooling shade in summer. Gardeners living in condos or townhouses should also consider a winter hardy […]

Dwarf Ginkgoes For Small Spaces

  Prehistoric Ginkgo trees (Ginkgo biloba) are easily identified by their triangular shaped leaves (USDA hardiness zones 4-8). Trees mature to huge sizes, up to 80 – 90 feet high. Their growth rates are initially slow during the early establishment years. Ginkgo tree are “dioecious”, either male and female. Most (not all) ginkgoes develop into tall pyramidal […]

Italian Arum Returns Every Autumn

Italian arum (Arum italicum) is a long-lived woodland perennial native to Italy and much of the Mediterranean region. Several members of the arum family (Araceae), including this species, are also known as “Lords and Ladies”. It typically grows 9-18 inches tall (depending on location) and slowly spreads over many years. Shoots first emerge from beneath the woodland leaf […]

Mid-Summer Blooming ‘Happy Days’ Sunflower

The cheerful golden yellow flowers of Happy Days sunflower (Helianthus ‘Happy Days’) should brighten your garden during the waning days of summer (USDA hardiness zones 5-9). This perennial sunflower has a long 4 to 6 week blooming period. In its first season new plants grow 24-30 inches tall and almost as wide. In subsequent years, tack on an additional 12-18 inches in […]